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Repair Myths

Tire Rotation Myth

Nearly everyone has heard about doing it. Suggestions like this will add more miles to your tires and such are made. We are here to tell you otherwise. Rotating your tires does not add rubber to them. That is just what would have to happen for you to get more miles out of them by rotating. Therefore is not a correct statement.

So what’s the deal? With a vehicle that is heavier at one end vs. the other such as a front wheel drive vehicle. The heavier end will wear out the tires a bit sooner than the other. If you do not rotate the tires you will need the front ones before the rear ones wear out. On the other hand if you rotate them you will need for all the tires at the same time. It would average out the wear. However, when you average out the mileage of buying just the front and just the rear as needed you will find it comes out the same as if you rotated them.

Why would certain businesses say such a claim? It’s a marketing ploy to get you back in the door. We don’t play this game and waste your time.

We also can show and prove at times this can actually cause adverse effects. Some are simple examples due to the tires on the front and rear being different sizes. Also some of the newer high performance tires are made for just the front as well as just a side making them for one position on the vehicle only. Please check out our section on tire/wheel balancing, road force and lateral force for more info.

FREE Check Engine Diagnostics

You say you have a “check engine” light on. Or maybe it’s a picture of an engine. It even could be the words “Service engine soon”. These all mean the same thing. A system that controls the engine and/or transmission system is not functioning properly. This is your vehicle’s way of telling you something is ailing it. In other words, “I am hurting and need help. Please take me to get checked out.”

First misconception is that there is a machine that can tell you what is wrong with your vehicle. This is a myth and not fact. If there was then anyone with one of these so called machines would be able to fix your vehicle. From what I just stated above that is not the case. Diagnostic equipment interfaces with your vehicle’s computer system to retrieve information of tests that failed within your vehicle’s system. This gives a trained mechanic which system is at fault so the proper tests can be performed in a timely fashion to pinpoint the cause. We see no better way. Anything else would be guessing.

Your also may be misled through marketing to get a FREE check somewhere. We have seen the so called “Free” computer checks cost the motoring public $400.00 or more and NOT fix the issue. So much for FREE eh? This is another case where “Free” costs more than having your vehicle checked out properly. This is a case of where businesses in this industry that have their interest in mind instead of yours profit from those that haven’t considered that proper place to take their vehicle.

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